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5 Storyline 360 keyboard shortcuts that save you lots of time

In this video I show you my 5 favorite articulate Storyline shortcuts. So that you can build your e e-learning modules in Storyline faster, easier and save lots of development time.

Storyline 360 keyboard shortcuts that save you lots of time

Ctrl + Shift + Enter

There is a faster way to adjust the size and position of an object in Storyline. if you use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift and Enter the 'Size and Position Window' opens. Here you can adjust the dimensions and also the position of an object. This keyboard shortcut saves you a lot of mouse drags and clicks when you create an e-learning in Articulate Storyline.

Ctrl + Enter

The second shortcut that saves you a lot of time is pressing Ctrl + Enter when an object is selected. This shortcut opens the ‘Format Shape’ window in Storyline. I use this keyboard shortcut a lot with text objects to adjust the margins and the auto fit of a text object.

Ctrl + Shift en drag

The third keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + Shift and drag with your mouse. If you hold Ctrl and Shift, and you drag an object, it is copied on the same x or y axis as the original object.

Ctrl + F12

The fourth combination is Ctrl + F12. With this Keyboard shortcut you can view a single slide in preview modus.

Shift + F12

And the last Storyline keyboard shortcut is Shift + F12. With this shortcut you can preview an entire scene instead of a single slide.

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Thank you for watching.

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