AI for E-learning developers: Opportunity or threat?

AI for E-learning developers: Opportunity or threat?

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Ever since OpenAI lambasted Chatgpt in late 2022, AI has been the buzzword of 2023, also in e-learning land. There are already several tools that have implemented AI integrations such as Ispring, Easygenerator and VYOND. Articulate has also announced that they will integrate AI into the Articulate 360 suite in 2024.  

Is this our future?  

You enter your e-learning topic into your favourite authoring tool, press the big ‘Generate’ button, and within minutes, an engaging course comes out that meets accessibility standards and is fully SCORM compliant. E-learning developers are obsolete! 

Wait a minute before you immediately start thinking about retraining plans. I don’t believe it will work out that way.  

Why do you ask? 

Don’t underestimate human input for creating a good e-learning module. Generative AI, as we can now from ChatGPT, MidJourney and other tools, is a very clever data processor.  

What do I mean by that? 

ChatGPT and MidJourney can generate from billions of examples at lightning speed the most likely set of words or images that fit a task you enter. But they don’t think about the answer. AI has no consciousness and cannot doubt, weigh, or add an ethical or aesthetic judgment. It only builds on patterns from the present and the past. 

Our strength as e-learning developers is that we can look ahead and develop (learning) solutions that fall outside existing patterns. Our creativity and imagination are our added value over AI. 

Yes. AI is going to change our work.  

It will be different but better I believe in that. With AI you perform time-consuming jobs faster. No more spending hours searching for the most suitable image but generating it yourself. This leaves time for qualitative work with which you can make a difference to customers.  

Be open to AI and learn how to use it so that it makes your work more efficient and you can use it to create e-learning modules that meet customers’ needs even better. 

See you next week 


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