Use Gamification In Your Next E-learning Course With Marie-Jo Leroux

In today’s Upward Online Learning Expert Interview I’m talking with Marie-Jo Leroux, on how to create unforgettable e-learning programs that boost learning outcomes and performance, while delighting learners with the help of Gamification. I hope you enjoy the conversation between me and Marie-Jo Leroux and the tips Marie-Jo shares! Enjoy 😊 Chapters of Gamification In … Read more

Work With Elapsed Time Variables In Storyline 360

In the November 2021 update Articulate added three new built-in variables to Storyline 360. The Elapsed time variables. These variables give you lots of new possibilities for timed in Storyline 360. Elapsed Time Variables are built-in Storyline Variables. You can use them to track the elapsed time on a slide in a scene or throughout … Read more