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How To Embed Your Storyline Courses In WordPress [Manual and with Plugins]

In this video I’ll show you how you can upload your published Storyline course to WordPress. Manual or with a plugin. I give you some option what I think are the best plugins.

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Hi I'm Mark Spermon from Upward Online learning where I teach you how you can create e-learning modules yourself with articulate Storyline.


If you have a finished Storyline course you don’t necessary need a Learning Management System to put your course online. You can place your Storyline courses on your own WordPress website for instance if you want to demo them or use it as an online portfolio. You can do this manually and upload the Storyline course with ftp or use a plugin.

But before we discuss how to upload a Storyline Course to your website let’s look how you must publish your WordPress course.

You have a finished course and you want to publish it so you can upload it to your WordPress webite. Click in Storyline on publish. Now the publish window appears. Let’s assume that we gonna place our coursefiles with ftp to out website. In that case you choose WEB. Give the course an engaging title and choose a folder on your desktop to save it.

Check if under publish ‘Entire project Is visible is selected and click on the button ‘Publish. Storyline will export your course to HTML.

Now if Storyline is finished let’s click the folder icon to open the folder with the HTML files. I also open Filezilla. This is an ftp client where I can connect to my server where my website is hosted. I Connect to the server. In the root of the server I create a folder named ‘course’. And now I transfer my Storyline course html files to the server. The last thing I’ll do is change the name of story.html to index.html.

When I’m ready I can logon to my WordPress website and create a post or page and link to the e-learning course.

This solution is quick but you can’t report any data about your course if you want to.

So If you want to report data from your course or are not that technical there are also a couple of plugins where you can upload your Storyline course to WordPress.

The first plugin is the insert or embed articulate content into wordpress plugin. This plugin is developed by brian Batt from elearningfreak. This plugin has a free version with limited features and a paid version. With the plugin you can upload your zip file. The plugin will substract it for you and you can add the link to your WordPress posts or pages. One disadvantage is that you can’t do any reporting with this plugin. The pro version of the plugin costs 99 dollar for a one year license.

The second plugin is the TIN CANNY LEARNDASH REPORTING plugin. This plugin is very useful if you already use LearnDash on your WordPress website. With this plugin you can add Articulate Storyline xApi content to your WordPress website and to Learndash. This plugin adds a basic learning record store to WordPress so you can monitor your students if they go trough the e-learning course. The Tin Canny learndash reporting plugin comes with a one year license of $179 for a single site license.

The third plugin is the Grassblade xApi companion plugin. With the plugin you can upload Storyline html content to WordPress or you can upload xApi and SCORM content to WordPress. When you connect the Grassblade xApi companion plugin to the Grassblade LRS you’ll have a full fetched learning record store with all sort of option to report data. This plugin comes with a $99 dollar/year license.

If you don’t want any technical hassle and no reporting for your course the best plugin is the insert or embed articulate content to WordPress plugin by Brain Batt.

Do you want reporting functionality than you can go for the GrassBlade xApi companion plugin and the Grassblade LRS or the Tincanny Learndash reporting plugin in combination with LearnDash. 

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