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How to use branching in Articulate Storyline

Do you want to work with branching and scenarios in Articulate Storyline?

Naturally, you want your student to remain involved and not to drop out while following your e-learning module. You can use scenarios and branching for this. But what exactly is branching in e-learning?

Branching is an interactive form of learning. For example, your student will receive a question with different answer options. And each answer option leads the student to a different new question. Like the branches on a tree. Hence branching. You can easily combine branching with scenarios where a student has to make a decision about a problem. And based on the choice, the story goes on in a specific direction. The story unfolds in unpredictable ways, making such learning interaction fascinating and fun.

Branching scenarios can be set up in various ways in Articulate Storyline. The easiest way to do it is with question slides.

Keep watching because in this video I explain how you can add branching in Articulate Storyline quickly using question slides.

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