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Use Gamification In Your Next E-learning Course With Marie-Jo Leroux

In today’s Upward Online Learning Expert Interview I'm talking with Marie-Jo Leroux, on how to create unforgettable e-learning programs that boost learning outcomes and performance, while delighting learners with the help of Gamification. I hope you enjoy the conversation between me and Marie-Jo Leroux and the tips Marie-Jo shares! Enjoy 😊

Chapters of Gamification In Your Next E-learning Course With Marie-Jo Leroux

00:00 - Introduction
00:32 - What is Gamification?
02:10 - What’s the difference between Gamification and Game Based Learning?
05:05 - Game Mechanics examples
09:40 – Can every type of course be gamified?
13:33 – Do you want to add gamification elements in every course?
16:10 – What is the process to start with gamification and e-learning?
23:19 – What are good examples of gamification?
25:19 – Best advice for instructional designers who want to start with gamification
28:29 – For which type of people is your online course?

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