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Do you want to add a quiz or a test to your Articulate Storyline project? Keep watching, because in this video, I will explain step by step how you can create tests and quizzes with question banks in your Articulate Storyline projects.

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If you have an e-learning project and you want to insert a quiz or a test with questions that are presented in a random order, or questions are shown from a pool of questions, for this you can use question bank functionality in Articulate Storyline 360, but also in Storyline 3, 2, and in Storyline 1. To set up question banks in Articulate Storyline, you can click on the ‘Question banks’ functionality on your home tab in your story view. And when you are in your slide view, you can click on the ‘Slide step’ and choose the ‘Question banks’ option.

Create a Question bank in Storyline

You’ll see several options in drop down menu on the question banks. I want to create a new question bank, so I’ll choose ‘Create question bank’. And now I can create my new question bank. I give it a clear and descriptive name, for instance, ‘End quiz’, and I’ll click ‘Okay’. And now you’ll see that Storyline creates an empty question bank. Now I have an empty question bank where I can add questions that I can use later on in my project in different places.

Two options to add questions to your question bank

It’s possible to create multiple tests or quizzes from the questions from one question bank. A Storyline file can contain multiple question banks, and you can create these in the same way as we created the first question bank. And, despite what the name question bank suggests, you can also add normal, non-question slides to a question bank. To add questions to a question bank, there are two options in Articulate Storyline.

  • The first option is to create the questions directly in the question bank. And we can do this by clicking the links ‘Graded’ or ‘Survey’, and then Article Storyline opens the ‘Insert slide’ window where we can choose which question type we want to insert into the question bank. For instance, here, a true-false question. And you’ll see that Articulate Storyline inserted a true-false question in our question bank.
  • The second option to insert questions into your question bank is to import questions that are already in the Storyline project into your question bank. And to do this, that can be done in two different ways. You can click on the ‘Import’ link in an empty question bank or click on ‘Import questions’ if there are any questions in your question banks already.

Now I can choose to copy or move questions from scenes in my project, or from other question banks, to the new question bank. I have the possibility to only copy the questions into the new question bank or to move them completely from my scenes or other question banks to the new question bank. And here I can check for each scene in my slide whether I want to add all the questions or only specific questions. I already have a number of questions in my module, and I’ll choose to copy them into the new created question bank from this scene. So, I’ll here say ‘Include all’ and click on ‘Okay’. So, now I’ll keep my original questions in my projects and Articulate Storyline copies the questions into this new question bank.

Insert question bank in project

Now that I’ve imported the questions in my question bank, I can use them somewhere in my project. And to do this, I click on the ‘Story view’ tab and choose a place in my project where I want to use the questions. I have a scene named ‘Quiz’, and here I want to add my questions. So, I click the ‘Quiz’ scene and now I’ll go to the ‘Question banks’ option on my home tab and choose for a new ‘Draw from question bank’.

Select the question bank you want to use

Now, here I can choose the question bank where I want to draw the questions from. So, this will be the question bank that we’ve just created. I want to draw all the questions and click on ‘Insert’. And now Storyline adds a placeholder icon, a slide with a ‘Draw from question bank’ icon. On this draw I can set a number of options. For instance, how many questions have to be shown in this draw? And now double click the placeholder slides and the ‘Draw questions from bank’ window opens. You now can here see which question bank the questions are displayed from. And, in this case, that is the question bank that we’ve just created. And, by default, the ‘Draw questions randomly’ is active, and this means that the questions are shown in a random order.

If you do not want this, you can check this off. And you can also see if you want to include all questions or, for instance, a selection of the questions in your question bank.

Question bank settings

We can also indicate for each question how it should be displayed in ‘Shuffle’: randomly, never, or always. If you choose ‘Always’, it will mean that the question always has to be drawn in a test request. And if you want to exclude your question in your test, you choose ‘Never’. The question is still in the question bank, but won’t be used in this specific test or quiz. There is also an option to lock questions in the question bank on a specific place. For instance, if you want a specific question that always has to be drawn as a first question in a quiz. To do this, I select the question and click on ‘Lock question’ and choose ‘Top of group’, and you’ll see the question is moved to the top of the group and has a lock icon in front of it.

But, Storyline gives also the option to lock questions to each other. For instance, for questions that always have to be drawn in a specific combination. And to do this, I select the question. And again, I choose ‘Lock question’, and I can choose to lock the question to the question above or to the question below. I choose for the question below, and you’ll see that there is a lock icon for question three and four. And this means that these two questions will be always drawn together into the test or quiz in Articulate Storyline.

Manage question banks in your project

If I want to manage existing question banks in my project, I can click on the ‘Question banks’ option here on my home tab in the story view. Or, if I go to my slide view, I can click on ‘Slides’ and choose ‘Question banks’, and here I can choose ‘Manage question banks’. Here, I have the option to create a new question bank, modify existing question banks, copy selected question banks to a new question bank, rename the selected question bank, or remove a question bank that’s no longer needed in this project.

Now, here we are at the end of this video. Now we know how you can add a quiz or test to you Articulate Storyline project using question banks and what the benefits are for using question banks in your Articulate Storyline project. Did you like this video? Don’t forget to give a thumbs up below and subscribe to my YouTube channel to get practical tips every week about creating e-learning modules with Articulate Storyline. Until the next video.

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