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storyline 360: Add Automatic Slide Numbering and Built in Variables

Storyline 360: Add Automatic Slide Numbering and Built in Variables

In this video i'll talk about the new Storyline 360 Automatic Slide Numbering feature. With Built-in Variables you can add slide numbers in Storyline 360 and let Storyline automatically calculate the current slide number, total amount of slides in your project, users progress and much more.


Built in variables

In the latest Storyline 360 update Articulate added a list of Built in variables that you can use to automiticaly add slide numbers to your project and calculate progress for a user.

Do you want to see al built in variables? Then Click on the ‘manage project variables icon’. You now see two tabs. Project variables. In this overview are all variables that you’ve created. And Built-in variables When you click this tab you see the complete list of built-in variables that now are available in Storyline. Now let’s see how you can use the built-in variables in your next project.

To use the page numbering variables go to the insert tab and Click on Slide number drop down arrow.

Here you can directly add the current slide number to your slide, the total amount of slides and the slides that a user has viewed.

Adding a built-in variable is very easy. Just Select it. Here i selected current slide variable. And draw a textfield on your slide That contains the variable. You now see a textfield with a number highlighted in yellow on your slide. But don’t worry this yellow color won’t show when you preview or publish your project. It’s only an indicator on your slide that the textfield contains a variable.

If you click the Slide number option again and you click on more you can insert the other built-in variables.

The numbers between brackets are the content of the variables. So in this project for total scenes in project you can see that there are six in it.

You also see that Storyline gives you two order options. This is how Storyline calculates the slide numbering.

By the order of the slides in the player menu or by the order in your scene and slide view. You can choose which option suits you best.

Project Switch

If you switch to project order you can see that you can choose for slide number in scene and the total amount of slide in a scene.

If I want to add this last variable I select it click insert and I can draw a textbox on my slide where want to position the variable
You can add as many built in variables on your slides as you want. But you can also combine them in a textbox. If I select the textbox add an forward dash and now click on total slides in menu. Storylines add this variable to the textbox. Now have the current slide number and the total amount of slides.

If you hover over a built in variable on your Slide Storyline shows a tooltip with information so you can see which variable you are using.

If you have specific slides in your course or scene that you not counted in the amount slides you can exclude them. You do this by clicking the Slide number drop down arrow and choose now here you can uncheck slides that must no be counted by Storyline. If you are finished you click oke.

There is one thing to keep in mind when publishing your project and you are using the built-in variables. Built in variables are only available in html5. So if you publish your course to flash the variables will be displayed as zeros.

Do you have any questions about this video or Articulate Storyline in common? Then leave a comment below video and i’ll promise to answer it.

Thank you for watching.

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