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In today’s fast-changing digital world with technologies such as Augmented Reality, Adaptive Learning and Artificial Intelligence, it is crucial to constantly evolve and enhance your skills to stay ahead of the game.

But how do you do this on top of all your client projects and other pursuits?
In this week’s newsletter, I explore 3 tips and tricks to help you become a better eLearning professional.
If you’re ready, put on your game face and learn how you can stay ahead of the competition.

1. learn more

Tip 1 is to structurally allocate time in your weekly schedule to stay informed and learn about everything that is hot and happening in the world for you as an e-learning developer.
Do I have to keep track of everything?
Absolutely not!
My tip: make sure you are aware of all new developments and pick your battles where your interests lie.
Pick one subject and immerse yourself in it for one quarter. Think about what you want to achieve by the quarter’s end. And then choose another topic for the next quarter.
Then I automatically come to point 2.

2. Don’t just consume. Get your hands dirty

don’t just watch YouTube videos and follow courses on LinkedIn Learning or Udemy; get to work.

  • Do you want to learn more about Storytelling? Write a kick-ass Storyboard for a new (fictional) course where you incorporate Storytelling elements.
  • More interested in JavaScript and Storyline? Use JavaScript to enhance an existing e-learning course with Greensock animation elements.
  • If your heart is more in UX design, create a new design for an e-learning course based on emotional design.

I hope you get the drill with these examples 😉 Choose what makes you happy to do this alongside your work. Now, let’s get on with the third tip.

3. Teach others what you’ve learned

teaching someone else is the best way to learn, according to research. There is even a name for the protégé effect.
When you learn something with the intention to teach it later, you learn it more deeply.
questions to get a deeper understanding when learning, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is so interesting and valuable that it would be worth teaching to others?
  • How would I go about explaining this concept to someone else?

A great advantage of Teaching something is that it reveals gaps in your knowledge.

But how can you teach others? You can…

  • Start a blog where you explain what you’ve learned
  • Create a series of YouTube videos
  • Speak at a conference or invite yourself on a podcast to discuss your topic.
  • Organize a summer school session in your company for interested colleagues about your topic.

Becoming a better e-learning professional takes time and effort.

Learning, applying, and sharing what you know is a process.

With my tips above, you’ll be on your way to success!

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