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Create Lightboxes In Storyline 360

In this video i’ll show you step by step how to create lightbox slides in Storyline 360 and I’ll give you 4 examples on how to use lightboxes in your next Storyline project.

What is a lightbox in Storyline

A lightbox slide is a specific slide that you can open in a pop-up over the current slide in your Storyline project. The same way that you see with photo galleries online. What I’m gonna show you works in Storyline 360 but also in Storyline 1,2 and 3 in the same way.

Create a Lightbox in Storyline 360

With the Lightbox trigger you can select a any slide or multiple slides in your course to be shown in a Lightbox. You have the option to show the lightbox with or without navigation controls.

Preview: without navigation controls
Slide with close button. You can’t control the lightbox settings. If you want to control the lightbox features you can

Preview: with navigation controls
Extra black bar with previous and next navigation

Tip: A lightbox is shown at 75% of the original slide size. Take building into account here. Also pay attention to where you place items on your slide.

Add Lightbox to the course player

It is also possible to add a lightbox to the course player.


Add new slide


4 examples on how to use Lightboxes in your next Storyline project

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  • Navigation instructions
  • Media
  • Glossary


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Thank you for watching.

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