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How To Use Text Styles In Storyline 360

In this video i’ll show you how you can use text Styles in Storyline 360 to determine the look and feel of texts more specifically in your next e-learning project.

In older versions of Storyline you could already use theme fonts to define heading and body fonts in your module. But if you used more than two fonts in a module or titles were also bold and had a certain color you could not define that. Until now with the Text Styles functionality in Storyline 360.

The Text Styles functionality can be found on the Home ribbon under font. You now have the option to define 4 different headings, two custom styles and a style for body text.

Text styles can easily be linked to text boxes on your slide by selecting a text box and clicking Apply Style.

If you select a textbox on your slide you will automatically see which text style is linked to the textbox. If there is no text style linked then it says 'Normal text.

If you hover your mouse over a text style, storyline will show which properties the text style has.

Now let's see how you can define the text styles.

Define Text Styles

First select a textbox and make it the way you want the text style to look. So which font size and which color for the font. Next you go to text syles, hover your mouse over the text style you want to change and choose 'Update Style from selection'. The text style has the right properties.

Applying Styles

Assigning a text style is very simple in Storyline. Select all text in a textbox or just a paragraph in the textbox and click 'Apply Heading 2' You will now see that the text looks the same as the text style. You will now see that the text on your slide has the same properties as the text style. Very handy if you need to change something later on.

Resetting Styles

Did you made a mistake or do you want to start over again and reset them to the standard formatting than you can reset a Text Style. To do this Go to the Text Style and click Reset. Be careful all texts in your project that have this text style will be reset to the original settings.

Do you have any questions about this video or Articulate Storyline in common? Then leave a comment below video and i’ll promise to answer it.

Thank you for watching.

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