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In this video i’ll show you how you can use some new Storyline 360 text Style features to easily control the visual appearance of text elements in your next e-learning project.

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In July 2020 Articulate introduced text styles in Storyline 360 to easily control the visual appearance of text elements. In the November and December update Articulate has again launched a number of new Text style features and therefore it is time for a new video on how to use text styles in your next e-learning project.

If you don’t yet use Text Styles in Articulate Storyline let’s take a quick look at how to use Text Styles and where to find them in Storyline 360.

In Storyline you could already define a heading and a body font for your e-learning module but you couldn’t define a font size and whether a font should be bold or italic. You can use Text Styles for this.

You can create a Text Style with the font and paragraph options from Storyline 360 and thus ensure a consistent design of your e-learning and of course make 1x adjustments to your e-learning module later on.

Text Styles can be found on the Home tab under font next to the drop down menu where you can select fonts.

If you create a new textbox, the Text Style is linked to this by default. You see that there are five other predefined text styles and at the very bottom of the menu you have the option to create a new text style yourself.

Create new Text Styles

If you want to create a new Text Style in Articulate Storyline the first thing that you must do is to create a piece of text where you apply the formatting options that your text style will have. In my example Bold, Italic and font size 16.

The next step is to click the Text Style button on the home ribbon to open the drop down menu. In the menu select +add style under custom. Storyline launches the add style pop-up where you can name your style and select how you want to publish it. This options is important for accessibility so screen readers can process the texts in your e-learning course the right way. When you’re done click OK.

Now If we look the text style drop down menu you’ll see the text style that we just created.

Adjusting a Text Styles

You can adjust Text Styles in Storyline 360 by changing text and then Update Style from selection. If you’re using a built-in style and you’re not satisfied with the result or you want to back back to the original style layouts you can click reset style to reset the styles.

Hyperlink states

In Storyline 360 you can now also easily style hyperlinks in your e-learning module with the hyperlink text style. If you want to change the hyperlink text style, click Modify at the hyperlink text style. A pop-up will open where you can indicate for the different states, normal, hover, active and visited which color the text of the state should have and whether you want to have an underline or a highlight at links in your module. Then you can also simply set the color of the highlight.

Change Text Style name

You can change the name of text styles you have created yourself in Storyline. You can do this by hovering your mouse over the Text style you want to change the name of and clicking Modify. You can now change the name and also the linked HTML tag for the screen readers.

Text Style information

Do you want to know which options your Text Style has, you can see them in the dropdown menu behind the Text Style name. At the moment you only see the chosen font, font size and bold, italic or underlined but not if you have set a different line spacing for your text style.

Live Preview (custom) text styles

In the latest update of Storyline 360 you now also have the option to see a live preview of a text style. If you have selected a text box or part of a text box and you hover your mouse over a text style built in as custom you will see a live preview on your canvas of what the selected text looks like with the text style.

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