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In this video I’ll show you step by step, the new options in the September 2020 update for the expanded quiz and question tracking options in Storyline 360.

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Before we look into the new quiz tracking features in Storyline 360, let’s look into the structure of my sample project. Now, what you can see is that the course begins with the introduction slide. Next there’s pretest. When do user has done the pretest, there’s a manual. And under the manual, there are three chapters. And at the end of the course, there is an assessment.

The option to track multiple quizzes

In the first new functionality that Storyline 360 gives you is the option to track multiple quizzes in your course. Now, what Storyline does is it will send the quiz data for the first quiz a student completes to the learning management system. And in practice, it means that the quiz result slide that executes the first submit results trigger is the one that gets tracked and scored in the LMS. How could you use this in your next e-learning project?

Create a branching course

How can you use this new functionality in your next e-learning project? Now, what you can do is to create a branching course, with specific paths, for instance, multiple business lines, with specific ways for each business line. Or what you also can do is you can create a pre-test in your e-learning course. Now with the new functionality, you can set the pre-test to a pre-check. And we will come to that later in this episode. And only if the user passes the pre-check in Articulate Storyline, Storyline will send the passing information to the LMS. This means if a user knows enough about the subject, he passes the pre-test, the course will be completed in your LMS and he doesn’t have to do the whole course. Now let’s look how we can set up this two examples in Articulate Storyline.

The first step is to go to a results slide. Now, I already have two result slides in my course, but if you don’t have a result slide, what you can do is go to slides and here you can edit your result slides. Now let’s click on my pre-test. I go to my story view and here I select my pre-test and I’ll go to design. Now, what you see here is that Articulate has changed the look and feel a little bit. You have now under tracking, the option to choose what want to track or how you want to set your result slide. And there are three different types.


First one is a pre-check and this will only send the quiz data to an LMS when a user passes a quiz. You will also have a knowledge check. If you will set your results to knowledge check, it won’t send data to a quiz, but you can use it so a user can see its score and it has nothing to do with the score of the course. It’s for information and seeing if he understands the complete topic. And last type is a final assessments. And this will send a data to an LMS when a user passes or fails a quiz. This is the old result slide as we know it.

Next, labeling your result slide pre-check, final assessment or knowledge check. You have also a couple of different other options to complete your course, new functionalities. Let’s go to LMS tracking here and a reporting and tracking options window will open. Now these options will be familiar to you, but the big difference is that you don’t have to choose between the different options, but you can check all options. Now I don’t have a trigger set in this course, so this is grayed out. But what Articulate Storyline will do is it will check the first selected option that the user completes, will send the completion status to the LMS. For instance, if I have here 10 pages or 10% of all slides, if a user has first viewed 10% of all slides in my course before he completes an assessment, this will send the completion status to the LMS.

Result slide

Now in earlier versions of Articulate Storyline, you could only choose of pages. For instance here, did you say, “I want that a user has viewed four slides of all,” but now you can also set a percentage. And here you see, then you options for your result slide. You’ll see my pre-check here, the assessment. Now I can change the label. I can delete some or you can click the lightning bolt and disabled this submit tracker, for instance for testing purposes. Now you see here that this trigger is grayed out in this module because I don’t have a completing course trigger set. If there’s a completion course trigger in this module, you will be able to click this also.

Quiz and question tracking

The last new functionality to you, I want to show you about quiz and question tracking is to score only a few questions in a assessment or a pretest. Let’s go to my assessment so I can explain what I mean. Here in this assessment you see that I’ve created branching. On question 3.1, if I go to form view, you’ll see here that I’ve created a branching for correct if I click on more, you’ll see it will branch to question 3.2. If I click on incorrect, it will branch to question 3.3. And after that, it will go to 3.4 and to the assessment. Now in earlier versions of Articulate Storyline, a question that a user didn’t answered was calculated wrong for the assessment. And now you can choose. If I go to my assessment here, hit result slide and I go to design and I go to quiz settings.

Score questions

I can say here that you want to score viewed questions. What this means is that the question that a user doesn’t see because he branches through the other branch, won’t be calculated in the course. Now, what you have to take care of is that there is a difference between unfilled questions, so what you see here, and unanswered questions. Unfilled questions and unanswered questions are treated differently by Articulate Storyline. When you score only the questions a learner views, they won’t be penalized for the questions they don’t see, however if a learner visit questions and they skip the questions without answering, those questions will be count wrong for the quiz score. That is something you have to take care of.

I hope the explanation about the new features on quiz and question tracking in Storyline 360, give you enough inspiration to set up new quizzes in your next Articulate Storyline project.

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