Storyline 360: How to create engaging text variables interactions

In this video i’’ll show you to use text variables in storyline Articulate 360 to create an engaging interaction with text variables, text entry field and a little bit of javascript.

I have a fictional course where users learns how to write an engaging tweet. I have three slides with text entry fields. In each text entry field the user types a part of the tweet. The part of the tweet is stored in a text variable and is shown on the following slide. This is done by adding the text variable between % signs in a tekstbox.

On the last slide of my scene i added a trigger that executes several lines of javascript to combine my storyline text variables into one text variable that is displayed on my last slide.

About Mark Spermon

Mark is an e-learning specialist with over 15 years of experience developing interactive and engaging e-learning modules and online courses for a wide range of customers with Articulate Storyline. He believes online learning shouldn’t be information dump but engaging, interactive and provide a transformation to the desired future of the learners. His goal? to create a world without passive, information overload online courses that are boring as ….

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