Storyline 360: Triggers and States explained

A state in Articulate Storyline is a certain state of an object. Almost all objects in Storyline can have states. Storyline has Built-in states such as hover, down, visited, selected and disabled. But you can also create and name your own states in Storyline 360.

You use Triggers in Articulate Storyline to perform actions at a specific time.
Triggers are always made up of three components:

  1. What happens?
  2. When does it happen?
  3. Where will it happen

The simplest action is a jump to action when a user clicks something. For example, a button.

But there are more triggers. I can play media. Pause or stop. I can adjust variables. Open external links or execute bits of javascript code in Articulate Storyline

There are also a lot of possibilities when a trigger is executed. We've just seen if a user clicks or starts the timeline, trigger can also be executed when a user dragging a slider, dragging an object onto or over another object or clicking a specific key on the keyboard. The latter is especially easy if you build system training in Articulate Storyline.


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