Articulate Storyline Variables Tutorial: Master Variables in Storyline 360

Variables in Storyline are a key element to create great interactive slides in your courses. In this video you will learn what a variables exactly is and which types of Articulate Storyline variables there are:

  • Text variables
  • Number variables
  • True/False variables

The next step is getting started with variables in Storyline by creating variables yourself. After that in this video i’ll show you 3 examples how to use variables to create great interactive slides in Storyline 360.

About Mark Spermon

Mark is an e-learning specialist with over 15 years of experience developing interactive and engaging e-learning modules and online courses for a wide range of customers with Articulate Storyline. He believes online learning shouldn’t be information dump but engaging, interactive and provide a transformation to the desired future of the learners. His goal? to create a world without passive, information overload online courses that are boring as ….

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